Suo parantaa: Laulumme

Suo parantaa: Laulumme (Swamp Heals: Our Song) -exhibition embodies the Art Based Action Research process what Riitta Attila, Linda Sainio and Anu Tossavainen have gone through. They started with interviewing five traditional healers whose thoughts about swamp, nature and healing they brought up in their first exhibition Suo parantaa (Swamp Heals) in July 2018 in Kuusamo. That exhibition rose from the community, traditional healers and from their stories while Suo parantaa: Laulumme, is the story of the whole research process seen by these three artists including all the layers of the journey. In the focus is connection with nature and people and creating new knowledge in that context. This exhibition is made with the support of Finnish Cultural Foundation.  
“I think that the process is going on all the time. It has been going forward through various discussions and personal observations and reflections. We see creative nature photography as a process, it’s not a certain artistic result, rather we see this whole journey as a nature photography process that rises from the community, from the traditional healers… everything is connected in a symbiotic way.  And it is not possible to separate human and nature. They are together. Period.”