Suo parantaa
How to make something that is forgotten to be seen again?
Swamps cover a third of Finland’s surface but they have remained in the shadows of forests and lakes from which Finland is known for. Forgotten swamp is a treasury of natural products, the nest of folktales and a storage for all the changes that are happening in the environment. Swamp in all of its layers can also be seen reflecting the subconsciousness of human mind.  
Traditional healing heritage is also forgotten part of Finnish cultural history. Riitta Attila, Linda Sainio and Anu Tossavainen decided to connect art, healing and nature through dialogue with five traditional healers and swamp nature. 
Their exhibition Suo parantaa (Swamp Heals) reflects the traditional healers’ stories, experiences and sensations about swamp and relationship with nature. At the same time it asks from a visitor: can an exhibition, where you can not just see but also feel, hear and touch art, inspire as a nature experience? This exhibition is made with the support of Finnish Cultural Foundation.